We are a young and dynamic organization which provide innovative value-added business transformation programs in Malaysia and South East Asia region.

It is driven/manage by experienced consultants with total of over 80 years in business experience in the following subject matter expertizes:
●  On-Line Assessments
●  Transformation Programs
●  Facilitation Services
●  Training and Workshop - Public and In-House Program


To be a leading business transformation provider in Malaysia and South East Asian region.


We deliver values with professionalism and commitment to transform organization towards business excellence using our well-proven development 3Ps framework through :
●  People
●  Process
●  Performance


   CISB 3P's Transformation Service Model for Sustainable Excellence Business/ Organization - To learn more ..

OD-Tools - Trait-Map

It uses "Big Five" personality dimensions and designed for the world of work.

The assessments are used for:
* Talent and Competence ;
* 14 Skills Gap Analysis ;
* Leadership Skills Analysis ;
* Sales Skills Gap Analysis; and
* Job Fit Assessment

OD Tools - MQ Assessment

The OD-Tools Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) is designed to increase self-awareness and intrinsic motivation at work.

It facilitates organizational evelopment to increase the
positive, sustainable motivation of your organization’s human capital.

OD Tools - LC360

Leadership Core 360 Degree Feedback is a system or process in which middle-managers receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them.

The OD-Tools Leadership Core 360 Degree Assessment assesses 7 Leadership competence domains through 4 behaviour patterns.

OD Tools - Organization Assessment

OD-Tools Organization Effectiveness Survey measures the organization’s dynamics that directly affect the overall performance of the business i.e employees - the key intangible asset.

It measures the 'pulse of organisation's health' – reflects the perception of employee organization-wide but significantly base level employee to measure the health of the company from the people who care and determined the future of the company.

OD-Tools - EQ-SWOT

This on-line EQ-SWOT provide feedback on perceived emotional intelligence skills levels, as well as to help better understand how those 16 skills impact your personal well-being and your professional success.

The 16 skills to be assessed are :
 *  Emotional Awareness ;       *   Accurate Self-assessment;
 *  Self-Discipline;                    *   Emotional Control;
 *  Stress Management;           *  Positive Mindset ;
 *  Energy;                                 *  Personal Vision ;
 *  Decision Making ;               *   Reading People ;
 *  Empathy ;                            *   Self-Expression ;
 *  Assertiveness ;                    *   Emotional Influence ;
 *  Collaboration ;                    *   Building Relationshop ;

StrengthsFinder assessment

OD-Tools Trait-Map's StrengthFinder Key Dimensions are :
(1) Adaptability – adjusting to changing realities
(2) Includer – accepting everyone
(3) Ideation – interested in ideas
(4) Empathy – feeling as though you are in the other person’s shoes
(5) Competition – assessing your growth in comparison to others
(6) Strategic – establishing alternative means to reaching goals
(7) Restorative – 'Think out of the box and solve problem
(8) Developer – helping other employees to achieve their potential
(9) Positivity – good karma and enthusiasm
(10) Input – desire to learn
(11) Resillience - Toughness to challenges and Setback
(12) Stress Tolerance - Ability to handle stress and pressure
(13) Collaborative - Ability to negotiate, collaborate and cooperate
(14) Decisiveness - Making Decision with Critical Thinking
(15) Self-Motiveness - Motivate Self towards achieving goals

Performance and Competence

This on-line service using OD-Tools's Trait-Map Assessment facilitates organization and help participant ( assesse ) understand their performance, 15 core competences as well as their behavioral tendencies, know what skills need developing; then to develop skills to control, explore, plan and improve their approach to work/life and deliver performance that exceed expectation.

Job Fit Assessment Facilitation Service

It is an on-line service using OD-Tool's Trait-Map Assessment which provides decision makers with a scientific and well- proven OD-Tools's Trait-Map assessment tool needed to identify and evaluate candidate to ensure that the RIGHT PERSON; with the RIGHT TALENT; and the RIGHT ATTITUDE; for the RIGHT JOB; for THE RIGHT REASONS; and most importantly fit in™ RIGHT and well into their organization. ( the SIX Rs )


List of Clients

CS Tan
Senior Consultant/ Trainer/Coach

He has more than 18 years of consulting, training, facilitating and coaching in global, regional and local region.

Have consulted and facilitated on Human Resources Skills and Human Resources Functioinal Skills for the last 13 years with last five years specially on human behaviourial science ( competence, motivation, conflict, emotional Intellingenge, training needs analysis, recruitment, personal profiling, leadership, coaching and performance management ).

He is a Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad’s ( PSMB ) certified trainer as well a certified trainer of OD-Tools's to conduct Trait Map Psychometric Assessment and MQ Motivation Assessment, Interviewing/ Assessing, Self-Motivation Skills Development Framework/ Techniques and Leadership Skills Development.

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Siva Ahnantham
Senior Consultant/ Trainer/Coach

He has over 31 years of industry wide experience in global, regional and local markets.

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Chng Hooi Tin
Senior Consultant/ Trainer/Coach

She has 10 years auditing experience in Public Accountants' Practice; 2 years as Financial Package Support Consultant with Computer Processing Services; and 19 years as Head of Accounts Department and responsible for Financial, Management Accounting
& Treasury functions of an Insulation Company

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Tan Mei Yee
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

She handle all sales, marketing, administration and program coordination over the last 9 years.